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Native American Herbal Remedies

The tradition of Native American herbal remedies is very rich. However, with the advanced technologies and treatments that modern medicine can offer nowadays, many people failed to consider and look back on the use of native herbal remedies for ailments and diseases. On the contrary, there are still people who use Native American herbal remedies in treating various aches and illnesses. They believe that such remedies are effective and give them satisfying results. In this article, we will learn more about the Native American herbal remedies and how it helps many people around the world not only the Americans.

Native American herbal remedies represent the use of natural substances in dealing with numerous health problems and ailments. These remedies were obtained from the locally available medicinal herbs, which are used as ingredients. Different tribal groups would create their own herbal remedies that are used by people of the tribes for any illness or aches.

Compared to other prescription drugs, Native American herbal remedies have lesser side effects and far less toxic. The remedies do not require users to follow certain directions such as dosage level or proper form when used. Because of these benefits, medical scientists and researchers continue to investigate, test, and formulate updated and new combinations of known effects of extracts and herbs.

Learning More about Native American Herbal Remedies

Here is a short list of Native American herbal remedies that are relatively common and widely used by most people today who believe in alternative medicines:

  • Rabbit tobacco – pneumonia, flu, cough, colds, asthma
  • Bloodroot – sore throat, bronchitis, some cancers like cancer of the uterus
  • Oak – sores, sprains, menstrual problems, kidney disorders
  • Wild Cherry – wounds, stomach cramps, tuberculosis, coughs, and colds
  • Passion flower – earache, boils, wounds, injuries, muscle pain, tension, hyperactivity, insomnia
  • Sage – childbirth, tuberculosis, colds, irregular menstruation, upset stomach, bruises, cuts
  • Juniper – high blood pressure, diarrhea, gonorrhea, indigestion, dandruff, gum diseases, urinary infections
  • Willow – diarrhea, stomach problems, sores in the mouth, toothache, headache, fevers, pains
  • Purple Coneflower – burns, sore throat, toothache, bowel problems, gonorrhea, snakebites, stings, insect bites

Native Americans are always prone to respiratory problems compared to other tribes worldwide. They are prone to colds, coughs, asthma, and other related diseases. For asthma, they use skunk cabbage for treatment as this herb loosens and removes the phlegm. For pneumonia and bronchitis, they use pleurisy root and wormwood. For discomforts of flu and colds, they use sage. For coughs, they use different herbs for remedies depending on the tribes. These hers include Boneset, Aspen Tea (from Aspen tree), Wild Cherry Tea (from Wild Cherry tree), White Pine, and Sarsaparilla mixed with sweet flag

Above mentioned list of Native American herbal remedies may still require supervision of health professionals. These herbs may give you benefits at the start but may give you unpleasant results if not used properly. It may only temporarily suppress the symptoms of your disease but then cause you other harmful effects or addiction. Let us just be more careful and sensible when taking these herbal remedies, and always consult initial consultation with health professionals before using it.




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